Blending and Packaging

Oxerra’s blending and packaging services are essential services from which industry can benefit. All of our products can be distributed in custom packaging to ensure the highest levels of transport and storage convenience, and appropriate levels of protection. Certain products such as specialty chemicalspharmaceuticals, cosmetics and foodstuffs often have highly specific packaging requirements that will vary depending on the customer’s location, the potentially reactive or fragile properties of the contents, requirements for branding, labelling or warning signs and a number of other factors. Oxerra is able to address all your concerns.

Our blending and mixing services have been similarly honed through years of experience, and are fully supported by highly experienced operational and laboratory staff, and quality/environmental control systems to ensure consistently great results. We offer both contract blending services and a selection of our own highly functional pre-blended compounds and ingredients.

Contact Oxerra for all blending and packaging services enquiries.