Food, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Ingredients and Synthetic and Natural Colours

The food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries are all very distinct, yet share many of the same material and ingredient requirements. In order to better serve all businesses in these areas, Cathay Industries Australasia has created a unique Foods, Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics division to supply a full range of specific and cross-industry products, including synthetic and natural colours, preservatives, additives and raw materials, including chemical solutions. Cathay is well-equipped to be your primary supplier, and offers a number of advantages.
  • All products are manufactured to relevant international standards, with appropriate FDA approval, EU specifications and other certifications as applicable.
  • All applicable colourings, ingredients and additives are created under strict ISO 9001 quality systems and ISO 22000 incorporating principals of HACCP, ensuring high quality across all products and minimal environmental impact where possible.
  • We offer specialised packaging solutions, built on our own extensive experience with the logistical challenges produced by fragile, unstable and reactive products. This ensures that all products retain their properties throughout the supply chain.
  • Our facilities include the Valparaiso iron oxide plant, well-known for producing some of the world’s highest purity oxides, ideal for use in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries on account of its exceptional purity. In addition to this we also have a large manufacturing presence in China with several cutting edge facilities geared towards the production of extremely high quality synthetic and natural pigments for use in a wide range of foodstuffs, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products.
  • We have the scale and experience to help enhance your supply chain, and offer a range of financing, transport, packaging, testing, mixing and laboratory services in order to add value at every step.
  • Our extraordinarily wide range of raw materials, chemicals, additives and total colour solutions means almost any manufacturer in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries can enjoy the benefits of exceptional economy of scale with us. This is further enhanced by our blending and mixing capacity, letting us deliver compact combined solutions for ease of warehousing, reduction of inventory costs and outstandingly consistent products.
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Cathay Industries Food Ingredients

Our range of food products includes a full selection of additives, protectants, artificial colours, natural colours, specialty products and core ingredients such as starches, nutrient additions and flavouring. Some of the areas in which our ingredients are utilised every day include:
  • Animal food, both stockfeed and pet foods.
  • Bakery, including pastries, bread and cakes of all kinds, as well as cereals, pastas, icing and frosting, and more.
  • Beverages of all kinds, such as alcohol, fruit juice, sports drinks, flavoured waters, dairy beverages and instant drink mixes.
  • Confectionary of all types, including hard candy, gummy products and muesli, chocolate and other bars.
  • Dairy products, particularly cheeses, yoghurts and dairy-based desserts.
  • Ice cream and edible ices.
  • Meats, particularly smallgoods and seafood.
  • Spreads and sauces, including fruit preserves and fillings, toppings and countless savoury products.

Cathay Industries Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Precision, consistency and reliability are paramount in pharmaceutical ingredients. Cathay’s worldwide facilities are largely geared towards the production of very high purity oxides for use in applications such as pharmaceutical and cosmetics colouring. In addition to complete natural and synthetic colour solutions, we also manufacture and distribute:
  • Pharmaceutical additives, such as antioxidants, anti-caking agents, acidity regulators and emulsifiers, as well as highly functional complex blends and direct compression granulations for ease of use and inventory management.
  • A broad range of preservatives including mould inhibitors, acidulants, taste-neutral curing agents and much more.
  • Functional, ready-to-use dry powders for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and supplements.
  • An exceptional range of both organic and artificial flavouring, and synthetic or natural colours.
  • Non-reactive pigments, dyes and inks for specialised use in pharmaceutical packaging.

Cathay Industries Cosmetic Ingredients

The ingredient and material requirements of cosmetics are largely similar to those of pharmaceuticals. Both require exceptional consistency and batch-to-batch uniformity, complete accounting for all ingredients present and tailored products that can deliver specific functions without interfering with active ingredients or otherwise undermining the aesthetics or efficacy of the end result. Cathay’s cosmetic ingredients range includes:
  • An extraordinary variety of total colour solutions spanning powders, dispersants, dyes and pigments, natural and artificial, water soluble and water insoluble, with FDA and other regulatory body certification as applicable. Cathay products are particularly good for delivering vibrant colours without compromising efficacy or ease of use, making them exceptionally popular for use in lipstick, nail polish, cosmetic pencils and similar products.
  • Scents and flavours, like sweeteners, citrus and mint oil, as well as cost-effective practical alternatives such as ethyl vanillin, sucralose and many more.
  • A complete selection of manufacturing additives, preservatives and raw ingredients.
  • Functional blends of high quality ingredients and compressible granulations, manufactured for outstanding homogeneity and consistency, suitable for use in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and dietary supplements.
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