Oxerra Service Solutions

In order to best serve our customers and maintain our reputation for outstanding service across all aspects of the manufacturing and supply chain, Oxerra offers a range of value-adding service solutions to deliver better value for money, more convenience and a range of other benefits. Contact Oxerra for all service solution enquiries, or learn more about how we can help in the areas of:

These service solutions include:

  • Complete logistical services and assistance, including procurement, shipping, warehousing and distribution across all stages of the supply chain. Essentially, your business can tap into our extensive resources and immense global logistics network to better serve your own customers and distribute products anywhere in the world.
  • Financing options for all Oxerra products so you’ll never have to compromise the quality of your own products or otherwise fail to meet customer expectations. Cathay products are vital to the manufacturing processes of most of our customers, and it’s essential that you’re able to access the materials you need, when you need them. Our financing solutions can help your business further develop its offerings and acquire better ingredients and materials.
  • Contract blending and custom mixing of chemicals, colours and ingredients. We have the facilities to create highly functional combinations for ease of use, storage and transport, with to-specification properties and colours. This includes food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic blends and manufacturing necessities for any industry.
  • Specialty packaging to suit your requirements. Certain products may be incompatible with certain packaging solutions due to reactivity, fragility or instability or contamination issues, particularly in pharmaceutical, food and chemical areas. Cathay Industries has the experience and equipment to handle it, and can also provide custom packaging colours, printing and practical functions.
  • A breadth of expert advice and consultation across all industry sectors. Utilise our knowledge and experience to find better manufacturing solutions, new products and more efficient ways of producing and distributing to the highest standards.