From Iron Oxide Pigment to Complete Material Solutions

Iron Oxide to the Core

OXERRA, formerly Cathay Industries founded in 1979, quickly developed a strong reputation as the iron oxide pigment experts. Iron oxide is our core business. The incredible demand for iron oxides of varying purity, used for industries from construction to coatings, plastics to pet food, and cosmetics to pharmaceutical colouring, made it apparent that no one supplier was yet able to provide the complete range needed in many industries.

To fill this need and better serve our customers, Oxerra began to diversify by acquiring numerous successful regional distributors and specialty manufacturers in order to provide complete top-to-bottom pigment, ingredient, chemical and raw material solutions for industry. Through all these changes, however, we took special care to maintain our core focus of exceptionally high quality iron oxide pigments.

Today, Oxerra is a global name and a leading materials supplier worldwide, with a particularly strong presence in Australasia, including New Zealand where finding cost-effective suppliers can sometimes be challenging. Simply by having a wider range with access to more advanced products and service levels second to none, we’ve helped strengthen the region’s manufacturing landscape, bringing more solutions to a broader audience than ever before.

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How We Can Help?

At the heart of Oxerra is the desire to fulfil all colour, additive and chemical raw material needs without compromising quality, affordability or convenience. Our global development over the last decade has seen a distinct shift towards addressing these needs, and we’re proud to say that Oxerra is now widely recognised as an exceptional supplier of all colour, chemical and material components with outstanding value for money. Our products are backed by dedicated local warehousing, financing, packaging, testing and flexible logistical services, as well as highly experienced chemists, support and customer service staff, plant operators and personalised account management.

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