Oxerra Group

Oxerra is a global supplier, with manufacturing facilities and divisional offices on five continents, and a strong presence in Australia and New Zealand. After starting life as a dedicated manufacturer of synthetic iron oxides, Oxerra pursued assertive diversification in order to become one of the few truly worldwide manufacturers and suppliers of complete colouring, additive and ingredient solutions. Today we’re proud to lead the field in a number of vital areas.

  • Our state of the art Iron Oxide manufacturing, coupled with partnerships in high quality synthetic and natural colours for use in any industry, puts us at the forefront of the total colour industry.
  • Oxerra’s principals and trading partners give us the means to be a complete raw materials supplier in any industry, bringing the benefits of economy of scale to our customers.
  • The diversity of our operations also encompasses contract mixing and blending, packaging and logistics services. This capability differentiates Oxerra from other chemical and raw ingredient suppliers while adding value at every step and helping us deliver cost-effective, fully customised supply solutions.

Oxerra Facilities

Oxerra is supplying manufacturers and fueling businesses all around the world, and each major location has its own dedicated management. We have distinct organisations in the United StatesAustralasia, Asia, Europe and Africa, with a particularly strong manufacturing presence in the USA, Europe, China and across South-East Asia, coupled with strong distributors covering all regions of the globe. This lets us deliver better customer service and more finely honed solutions in every location, built on a clear understanding of your industry needs.

Our better known facilities include:

  • Two state-of-the-art Iron Oxide pigment plants in Tongling (Anhui Province) and Yixing (Jiangsu Province) that are among the world’s most well-appointed, efficient and environmentally compliant plants.
  • A purpose built, state of the art finishing plant in Batam, Indonesia (opened 2023)
  • Dedicated, state of the art spray dried granule plants in Tongling China, to meet the growing requirements of the global market.
  • Synthesis including CICP, liquid and finishing plants in the UK, USA, Germany, Begium, Italy, China, Indonesia and Australia. 

Our expansive facilities, broad range and global reach, coupled with our divisional offices and close attention at local and national levels, means that we are able to deliver the best range of iron oxide pigments, ingredients and raw materials without losing sight of the flexibility, cost-effectiveness and focus on customer needs that has made Oxerra a world leader.

No matter the industry, Oxerra is well equipped to be your main chemicals, materials and raw ingredient supplier.