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Industrial Chemical Products by Application

Most functions have more than one chemical product that can successfully fulfil it. Oxerra will always endeavour to offer the best product for your needs and find solutions that offer more advantages in terms of cost, convenience and outcome. Learn more about our chemical applications, and contact us at any time for enquiries.


A number of Australian mining companies have already chosen Oxerra as their mining reagent and industrial chemical supplier on account of our in-depth experience in the field and a highly tailored product range that encompasses a range of activated carbon grades for varying filtration applications, specialised solvent extracting agents, metal extractants, separators and much more, specialising in Gold, Silver, Copper and Uranium mining. We also support the steel, refractory and electroplating industries in the region.

Water Treatment

One of our core focuses, and an area in which Oxerra visibly excels, is the supply of water treatment chemicals. We provide an exceptional range of application-tailored activated carbon and filtration chemicals for all purposes, including swimming pool filtering, landfill seepage, drinking water and general waste water treatment. Our range includes chelating, sequestering and flocculating agents, chemical oxidation and adsorption materials, and much more.

Asphalt Additives

Oxerra supports the construction industry with a complete range of asphalt and bitumen emulsifiers, pre-coat and adhesion additives

Specialised Packaging

The fruit packing industry benefits from Oxerra support and our EPS (expanded polystyrene), of both general and flame retarded grades for use in fruit packaging.


As a major suppliers of both commodity and specialised raw materials, Oxerra utilises its worldwide network of partners, strong knowledge and experienced staff in combination with a solid shipping and logistics department to deliver cost effective products to a variety of industries in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

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