Masonry, Decorative Concrete, Asphalt and Roof Tile Iron Oxide Pigments and Additives

Oxerra is one of the leading worldwide manufacturers of iron oxide colour pigments for the construction industry, creating pigment oxides for a range of building materials and delivering construction colouring solutions for concrete suppliers, clay & ceramic manufacturers, architects, designers and specifiers around Australia. All of Oxerra’s construction products are of uniformly high quality, producing reliable colour consistency, durability and strength. We only manufacture with the finest materials and most advanced processes under ISO 9001 Quality Accreditation and ISO 14000 Environmental Accreditation.

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One of Australasia’s most widely used pre-mixed concrete colouring systems, well known for its reliability and performance ...


An exceptionally versatile range of construction grade powder iron oxide, chrome green oxide cobalt and titanium dioxide pigments...


A range of construction grade pigment granules, highly regarded for their ease of dispersion during the end user mixing process...


An asphalt masterbatch that utilises inorganic Ferrotint metal oxides within a unique carrier system for exceptional ease of use and...

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