Manufacturing Ingredients and Synthetic Iron Oxide Pigments for Coatings

From the highest quality Iron Oxide pigments and organic pigments to surfactants, synthetic resins and additives, the Industrial division of Cathay Industries Australasia is a key supplier of raw materials into the coatings, inks, plastics and PVC, adhesives, textiles and lubricants industries in Australia and New Zealand.

In addition to the highest quality synthetic iron oxide pigments, and pigment preparations from Cathay manufacturing operations in China, we source and supply materials for the manufacturing industry from many of the leading suppliers in the chemical industry.

Our customers benefit by having quick access to regional technical services and expertise through our network of business partners, consistent quality and supply reliability across a broad range of materials, as well as localized service with Cathay’s capabilities in areas including:

  • Stock holding in all mainland states and in Auckland New Zealand
  • Delivery flexibility
  • Packaging flexibility
  • Stock planning
  • Shipping and importing expertise

Cathay’s High Quality Pigments and Pigment Preparations

CathayCoat  – our high quality range of coatings-grade synthetic iron oxide pigments 

CathayColour – classic and high performance organic pigments

CathayNyl – organic and inorganic pigment preparations for water based coatings

CathayRed – High performance range of red iron oxides

CathaySperse – organic and inorganic pigment preparations for water based inks

CathayTherm – Thermostable colour pigments

Materials from our Partners

Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) – high quality sulphate and chloride process grades for coatings, plastics, PVC and paper

Carbon Black – ASTM carbon black and high, medium and low colour blacks for coatings, inks and plastics

Synthetic Resins – alkyd, modified alkyd, acrylic, polyester and PU dispersions for decorative and industrial coatings

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Surfactants – Non-ionic and anionic surfactants with options for APE free versions

Antioxidants, Light Stabilisers & UV Absorbers – broad range of additives for protection of polymers

UV Absorbers – liquid UV absorbers for protection of timber and automotive coating systems

Opaque Polymer – cost effective acrylic dispersion for partial substitution of TiO2

Coating Additives – broad range of wetting agents, antifoams & surface modifiers

Metal Based Driers – traditional metal carboxylate paint driers and new generation cobalt replacement driers

Matting Agents – silica gel based matting agents for timber, decorative and industrial coatings

Fluorescent Pigments – a broad range of colours for coatings, plastics, aerosol and textile applications

Flush Colours – full range of organic pigment flushes for colouring of plastics

Organic Pigments – full range of classic & high performance organic colours

UV Cure Chemicals – monomers, oligomers and photo initiators for energy cure coatings and inks

Specialty Pigment Preparations – CAB, nitrocellulose and acrylic resin pigment dispersions

Anti-Corrosive Pigments – chrome and chrome free corrosion inhibitors

Flash Rust Inhibitors – for water based decorative and industrial coating systems

Tannin Blockers – prevention of staining for coatings applied directly on high tannin containing timbers

IR Reflective Pigments – heat reflective pigments for coatings and plastic applications

Anti-Blocking Agent – silica gel anti-blocking additives for plastic film

Thickeners – cellulosic based thickeners, HASE and HEUR type rheology additives for water based and solvent based timber coatings

Transparent Iron Oxides – pigments & dispersions for water based and solvent based timber coatings

Wax Products – PE,PP, Fischer-Tropsch, amide and hybrid waxes for plastics, PVC, hot melt, cable & rubber

Zinc Oxide & Zinc Dust – anti-corrosive zinc rich polymers

Propylene Glycol

Benzyl alcohol

Acetyl Tributyl Citrate

Manufacture to a higher standard with Cathay Industries’ high-quality Iron Oxide pigments, organic colours and additives and discover the cost, convenience and end-result benefits we can bring to your industry. Contact us today for enquiries, orders and more information, or learn more about our industrial products range.

Contact us today for enquiries, orders and more information, or learn more about our industrial products range.Thermostable