Coloured Concrete, Asphalt Colouring, Masonry, Rooftile, Iron Oxide Pigments and Construction Material Solutions

Cathay Industries is one of the leading worldwide manufacturers of iron oxide colour pigments for the construction industry, creating pigment oxides for a range of building materials and delivering construction colouring solutions for concrete suppliers, architects, designers and specifiers around Australia. All Cathay products are of uniformly high quality, producing reliable colour consistency, durability and strength. We only manufacture with the finest materials and most advanced processes under ISO 9001 Quality Certification and ISO 14000 Environmental Certification.

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Practical and Value-Adding Solutions

Cathay Industries prides itself on being an excellent choice for all coloured concrete, asphalt and concrete product manufacturers. We strive to accommodate all requirements and offer complete and affordable solutions of uncompromising quality across our entire product range. If you need to select or specify colour, we can help.

Our range includes:

COLOURMIX™ one of Australasia’s most reliable and popular coloured concrete systems.

FERROTINT™ supremely versatile iron oxide pigments and an effective way to add vibrant colours to many materials, ideal for the product manufacturing environment.

CATHAYGRAN™ granular pigments for all automated dosing systems, for outstanding consistency of results and ease of dispersion during mixing processes.

Cathaypellet coloured asphalt masterbatch with excellent results and diverse benefits.

In addition to this, we also distribute an exceptional selection of construction materials through subsidiaries in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region.

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