When you need a pigment that…

Oxerra’s ExaLake range consists of water insoluble food colours, intended to colour by dispersion rather than dissolution, in either liquid or powder form. ExaLake colours are produced from ExaCol dyes, and come in a similar colour range. One of the primary differences, however, is that ExaLake is reflective and therefore produces a more opaque look. ExaLakes are produced in 3 groups: low, mid and high pure dye content, with corresponding variations of shade and colour strength. In typical dyes, a higher pure dye content will have stronger red tones, while lower will generally have stronger blue and yellow tones.

ExaLakes, however, are different. The pure dye content of each ExaLake batch is still analysed and stated for regulatory purposes, but is not recommended to be used for specification purposes.

ExaLake colour is more greatly affected by particle shape, size and distribution than pure dye content, and they can generally achieve brightness and stability which surpasses that of equivalent dyes. Their key applications include products where there is insufficient solvent to dissolve a dye, where the stability of a dye may not withstand the conditions and where the colour migration is a problem. Fat, oil and wax based products where dyes are not soluble require the use of ExaLakes. Similarly, high heat processing, such as retort or UHT processes, often degrade dyes. ExaLakes however are able to withstand these conditions.

Because ExaLake colours are not intended for dissolution, they may impart colour in either powder or liquid forms. For optimal results and the best colour consistency, however, breakdown of the agglomerations they form is required. Where possible, it is recommended that ExaSperse liquid colours, produced with ExaLakes, are utilised. Custom ExaSperse liquids contain the required concentration of ExaLake colour predispersed in an application-compatible solvent.

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